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Pretty Penny is changing the way consumers connect with brands.


Connect mobile and digital media to SKU-level purchases, and only pay when your media results in a verified sale.

Insights and Analytics

Access real-time campaign redemption data through your Pretty Penny dashboard.

Retailer-Specific Offers

Drive sales in key customer accounts. Finally sealed the deal, and got that new key customer account? Congratulations, by partnering with us you can keep the demand and traffic flowing to your retail partner.

True Brand Engagement

Educate consumers through unskippable videos, facts, quizzes, and other brand engagements.

Beauty Trends move can be faster.

  • With access to a panel of mobile users, clients can get answers to key questions in near real-time. In-app polling allows you to gut-check assumptions, and better understand consumer sentiment before executives make key decisions.
  • Conduct extremely targeted surveys based on a set of actions and/or purchases. By utilizing action based triggers, Pretty Penny can deliver surveys while it is still relevant for the users, and without needing to rely on user-reported behavior.


Pretty Penny is changing how retailers drive sales in-store.

Reach Millennials

Lead the conversation. Start on mobile, and end in-store!

Turn-Key Solution

No IT team? No problem. Leverage our receipt processing technology to launch your first campaign.

Drive Sales

Reach new audiences, re-activate lapsed shoppers and drive higher average tickets across loyalists.

Media Spend That Works

Understand how various media content is driving in-store sales, down to the age/gender/geo-location.

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